Samode Haveli is a traditional Indian mansion in a beautiful garden. Built 175 years ago as the residence of the noble family of Samode, it was transformed by their descendants into a fabulous, luxurious boutique hotel. In the middle of the bustling old town of Jaipur, an oasis of peace awaits you. It's so idyllic that you'll soon forget the hustle and bustle of the city around you as you revisit your experiences by the pool.

The former royal apartments are preserved in the luxurious rooms and suites, reflecting the exquisite wealth of the past. The individually decorated rooms line the idyllic courtyards of the winding Havelis.

The lovingly designed restaurant with its royal ambience serves local dishes based on traditional recipes as well as international dishes - a real treat and a unique experience for all the senses in Jaipur.


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