The Myconian O is located in the trendy Ornos Bay, very close to the old town. The bay itself is home to some of the best waterfront bars and restaurants, as well as a range of shops and water sports facilities.

O is a love letter to the island of Mykonos and was inspired by an extraordinary year when an unfamiliar silence settled across the island. The founding family began to imagine a place that could capture the essence of that slow time for the guests on their return.

Myconian O is a quiet luxury oasis in a direct beach location, offering a total of 65 rooms and suites, with half of the room categories featuring a great private pool. The rooms are stylishly decorated with lots of black color accents and natural materials, quickly putting visitors in awe.

The property is perfect for lovers of nature-inspired design who appreciate both privacy but also cheerful gatherings at the same time. Guests enjoy Mediterranean cuisine in the hotel's restaurant, which uses primarily seasonal products grown in the family’s garden. In addition, guests can unwind and relax in the hotel's own spa.

The direct beach location is especially accentuated here - some of the fine sand is found on the restaurant floor and around the spacious pool, making the beach club feeling and casual luxury feeling perfect.

Myconian O is cool, stylish and exciting at the same time.


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